Government-backed People’s Loan Resolution of Economic Difficulty

For those who already have a lot of capital,

Not exactly, but in the low-income bracket

the economic situation is in trouble for the working class

through the financial institutions in case of urgenting if it is

There are many things to alleviate the situation a little

You’re going to try.

Nevertheless, the progression is

the case of being impossible frequently generates

I’m not just paying you back, I’m paying you

It is also a problem that the burden is added.

To break this vicious cycle, the government

and the economic poverty of the common people

The system that we launched to mitigate

It’s a financial system called government-funded public loans.

If so, you can enjoy it

Proceed with what benefits are

The basic conditions that must be prepared

I’ll see how it was built.

First of all, we can get it through the system

The benefits are that the most basic

even in the case of those who have a high interest rate debt

the opportunity to convert into the low interest rate is given

and that it could be a way to escape the interest rate pressure

The part is the biggest part.

and then we’re gonna have to go to the city

in a line that is not burdensome to economic difficulties

You will be given an environment that can be resolved.

So, I’m sure you’re going through a lot of

Many of you have been trying to find a way

I’m looking for a lot of ways

It’s true, and especially the product

The part that is divided is also interested

is the biggest reason to drag it.

But in order to proceed with the system

You have to meet some qualifications to make sure that

You should know that it’s possible.

common to the government-funded public loan

The qualifications are basically

his annual income is less than 35 million won

You have to prove that you are a commoner

Those who have credit ratings in grades 6 to 10

It can be up to 45 million won in annual income.

But I’m going to spend more than three months

I need you to prove that you have a job

You must also know the dots in advance.

There’s also a reason for ineligibility here

The reasons for ineligibility are that the first thing

In the case of unwritten, the product is not in progress

or the credit rating is 9-10 or higher

a credit defaulter or three or more days of delinquency

Those who exist are not allowed to proceed.

So, I’m not sure if I can

You have to check the status beforehand

You should also be aware that progress is possible.

In the case of the system, a total of three products

It is based on most of them

I’m sure everyone’s heard of a product

Sae-Hoon Hall’s loan, Saitdol, Sunshine Loan, etc.

It is now a commercial loan product.

So it’s the best match for the individual situation

Proceeding the goods, it 폰테크 increases the efficiency

the economic structure is more to the grafting of system

I can see that it’s a solid arrangement.

First, we need to find out the limits

The Sunshine Theory is worth up to 15 million won

The limit is provided and in the case of SaeHoon Hall

It can be up to 30 million won.

And in the case of Sitdol, the credit rating is grade 4

20 million won in annual income between grades 7 and 7

over 12 million won with the workers

6 to 10% for businesses with income

to provide a good deal of interest and to provide

It is now a product group.

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