Inside the cathedral, it’s huge. There’s a museum.

Etchmyazin was born in Armenia.
Move to the third largest city.
I did. 20 kilometers west of Yerevan.
It’s a religious city located far away.
I moved to Etchmiajin.

밤투어 대체사이트 The Echimia population is 60,000.
I heard you were living, but gradually the population grew up.
It’s said to be on the decline.

While traveling through the Caucasus,
the church and its contents to the point of boredom.
I’ve only been to historical sites.
On the last day of the tour,
The Cathedral in Etchmiajin
It’s the last schedule.

But the last thing I’m going to do is…
The cathedral in Etchmiajin is a place called Echimiajin.
What you see on the outside is somehow incredible.
It was not unusual as if it were a place.

The Echimia Cathedral is an ancient cathedral.
It’s called the Armenian Apostolic Cathedral.
The first of its kind in the Kingdom of Armenia.
It’s a cathedral, the oldest in the world.
built between 301 and 303
Armenia as a cathedral according to tradition
By Gregorio the Enlightenment, the patron saint,
It was built and restored in 1441.

It’s called the Arc de Triomphe of Etchmyazin Cathedral.
This Arc de Triomphe marks the 700th anniversary of Armenia’s founding.
It was built in 2001 to commemorate.
A picture carved on this Arc of Improvement
The king of Armenia on the left, and the king on the right.
The construction of the Echimian Cathedral
His name is St. Gregory, Archbishop of Echimia.

This Echimian Cathedral
In 1604, relics and stone objects were found in the city.
The Echimia Cathedral was looted.
Armenian religious supreme
Armenian Diaspora as the center
They consider it a place of pilgrimage among immigrants.
The year 2000 was a UNESCO designation.
It is said to have been listed as a World Heritage Site.

The Armenian Orthodox Church’s headquarters.
I came into the Echimian Cathedral.
When I came into the cathedral, I found a large complex.
be well-groomed and well-groomed

Inside the cathedral, it’s huge. There’s a museum.
Inside the cathedral, there are bishops living there.
There is space and study place.
The building you see is in the cathedral. It’s under construction.
When a lot of people go in at once,
Echimia, waiting for no
I’m waiting outside the cathedral.

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