The word “young chisel” comes into being.

The real estate market is increasing, especially in the Seoul metropolitan area, such as Seoul and Gyeonggi Province. Under these circumstances, collecting a penny or two is increasing, especially in the Seoul metropolitan area, Seoul and Gyeonggi-do. Under these circumstances, saving a penny or two doesn’t mean I can afford to buy my own house, and I have to think about lending to buy a house. Especially mortgage loans.
Mortgage precautions Mortgage precautions

So today, I’m going to talk about mortgage precautions, which are literally mortgageing the house and taking out loans from financial institutions, and I’m going to take out the assets that the bank has set as collateral and give you the right amount.
Because it is difficult to complete cash when buying a house that costs hundreds of millions of won, it is difficult to get a loan with the right to move in and sell out as collateral, and depending on what criteria you set, the limit, repayment method, and interest all vary. So you really need to know the mortgage precautions.
Precautions for Handling Precautions for Handling

Number one: Let’s find out what area the collateral belongs to!By the way, the maximum ratio varies depending on whether it’s a speculative area, an overheated speculation zone, or an area subject to adjustment.
Second: Maximum setting according to LTV, DTI, and DSR [meaning mortgage term]! It’s easier to find a house after setting a maximum limit, and the amount of the loan varies greatly depending on how you set the limit.
Third: Find the right product for me! There are a variety of products in the mortgage loan, and each product has a different method of repayment or interest rate, so you have to look carefully and proceed with the most favorable conditions.
How to repay mortgage loans How to repay mortgage loans

Mortgage Reminder – Redemption Method
Each loan has a different method of repayment. The principal and interest paid each month depends on which method you choose to redeem, so you need to find out the right way to repay it.
Equivalence of principal: The principal is paid equally every month, and as time goes by, the principal decreases, so interest decreases, but the disadvantage is that the initial burden is high.
Equal repayment of principal and interest: It is convenient to manage funds because a certain amount is paid every month by paying back the principal and interest equally.
Expiration Date Repayment: The total amount of interest is the largest, although the amount of money spent every month is small by paying only interest during the loan period and paying the principal at once at the 폰테크 maturity date.
Mortgage Rate Mortgage Rate Mortgage Rate

Fluctuating and fixed interest rates
The interest rate that determines the interest on the loan is divided into variable interest rates and fixed interest rates, which are usually 0.5 to 1.0 percent lower than fixed interest rates. However, the base rate may increase in the future, which may increase the burden more than expected.
And there is a lot of uncertainty because interest rates change over a certain period of time, reflecting the ever-moving base rate during the loan period. In comparison, fixed interest rates are high, but there is no change, so there is less burden and stable fund management.
When you take out a loan, it is better to choose a variable rate if interest rates are likely to fall in the future, or a fixed rate if interest rates are likely to rise.
Also, variable interest rates may be slightly more advantageous if you plan to pay off your loan quickly, and if you don’t, you can choose a mixed rate that changes to variable rates after a fixed rate is accumulated.
mortgage loan mortgage loan

More and more people are buying homes even if they take out loans to the point where the word “Young Chisel” is coined to attract souls, and the government is also coming up with measures such as strengthening regulations and reducing limits.

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