The Europa League is a big hit

AC Milan Manchester United had a 1:1 draw in the first leg; from the beginning of the first half, Milan’s Hafael Lean’s offside goal ruled Nogol, but he played with good momentum. United’s Anthony Marshall’s shot was not pushed back 스포츠중계 from the momentum. In the 10th minute Milan’s mid-range shot from Frank Kessier hit the lead, but the score is not acknowledged as handball fouls come out; it was Milan, who still started in a good atmosphere on the road. Since then, both teams have continued to fight hard and the first half ends.
In the second half, United put in Ahmad Diallo, except for Antony Marshall; Solshar’s mercenary technique shines as Diallo scored the opening goal in the 49th minute. United’s new divinity makes its debut goal against AC Milan; it was Milan who lost, but still continues to aim for United’s goal without being pushed out of momentum. Milan’s equalizer will be scored in the 91st minute extra time at the end of the second half. In the corner kick set piece, Milan’s veteran defender Simone Caye’s header enters United’s goal and the game ends with a 1:1 balance.
The injured players are missing Milan, Zlatan, Manjukichi, and United are missing major players such as Pogba, Vanderback, Marshall and Cavani.
AC Milan vs Manchester United’s second-leg match is hard to predict; first Milan has scored on the road and is in some favour. If the game ends without scoring both teams, Milan will win, but Milan’s attack power, which is missing Zlatan, will lose weight. I think this game will be divided into whether Milan can score or not.
United are still injured, so Ace Bruno Fernandez is likely to win and lose this game. United continue to lose weight due to the absence of strikers.
This match is likely to be a draw, but it seems to be good for United, but it is bad and difficult.
Twenty20-21 Europa League Round of 16 Dinamo Zagreb and Tottenham’s second leg will take place at 03.19 (Fri) 02:55 Maximir Stadium. Tottenham will leave the away game after securing two points at home in the first leg. Dinamo Zagreb is expected to have a difficult game, so it will be disadvantageous to not score, and the second game will be played at Dinamo Zagreb’s home, so the odds will rise a little, but the atmosphere in the team will be bad. I expect that this second game will end with Tottenham’s victory.
In the last two teams’ first rounds, Tottenham ended with a 2:0 victory; on that day, rather than turning the rotation, Tottenham played after the main players had secured some. I was going to take the victory in the first game and welcome the remaining second game. As a result, I won, but the game was uneasy. From the beginning of the first half, Zagreb was quick to press and Tottenham was an uneasy start, with a pass miss. But he tried a shot after Lamela’s dribble break in the 23rd minute and the ball that hit the goal went straight to Harry Kane to make the lead; Tottenham’s 1:0 lead ended the first half as it did
The second half was released by Tottenham’s stable performance and continued to tease Zagreb’s goal. Harry Kane’s multi-goal in the 69th minute, score 2:0 Tottenham won and Zagreb’s difficult game continues. At the last minute, Harry Kane will be replaced and time will pass for Tottenham to win the game; Tottenham, which has won five consecutive league games on the day.
Dinamo Zagreb’s injury list is one Moharami injury, Tottenham are in injury, but Son Heung-min is expected to recover soon, Hoivier is not able to travel this game due to warnings, and Joe Rodden was not in the Europa entry for the first time due to transfer problems
Zagreb’s coach, Joran Mamichi, resigned as a manager after being sentenced to tens of billions of won in embezzlement, and Damir Krznar took the baton as a temporary coach, but the atmosphere of the squad was cluttered and the road to the quarter-finals was further away. This bad issue during the important season ruins the team atmosphere and it is expected that the second game will be very unlikely to win.
Tottenham are expected to return as soon as possible, with ace Son Heung-min injured and unlikely to play in this game and recovering faster than expected.The second game is already two points ahead, so it is expected to be easy without Son Heung-min

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