Woori Bank, after the KB Stars, is showing the best performance.

Seoul SK, ranked eighth in the league with 13 wins and 18 losses in the 31st round of KBL in Korea in the 2020/21 season, is considered an unrivaled low-ranking team in the 2020/21 season, with the injury of the main players. I think it will be difficult to predict a clear lead in this game.

Considering the fact that Oh Jae-hyun is becoming a scoring leader recently, it is clearly a record of how sluggish the domestic players of Seoul SK are, personally Jang Moon-ho-Choi Kyung-won-Choi Kyung-won-Choi Kyung-won will be. Considering the facts alone, it is true that it seems difficult to expect a great improvement during the rest period.

Wonju DB

It is Wonju DB, which is ranked 10th in the league, recording the 30th round of KBL (8 wins and 22 losses) in the 2020/21 season. The performance of Wonju DB, which was expected to produce good results this season, takes into account the fact that the main players’ injuries and performance itself have been shaken since the beginning of the season, and that Wonju DB has changed.

This game emphasizes that the concentration of domestic players will be more important, especially the presence of Kim Jong-kyu and Heo Woong, but personally, the fact that Wonju DB is not showing as much performance as expected may lead to unpredictable games.Jang Hae-joo will be able to see if he can show his performance.

January 20 at 19:00 KBL [Shinhan Bank VS Hana OneQ]

Shinhan Bank

In order to keep the third place in the league by recording the 20th round of WKBL [11 wins and 9 losses] in the 2020/21 season, each game is so precious and important to Shinhan Bank. Personally, I think that performance is the best play after Woori Bank and KB Stars, and recently Shinhan Bank’s fielding rate is very good, along with the balance between veteran and rookie players, and considering recent performance, it is better than Woori Bank. In this game, we will face Hana OneQ, which won all four confrontations this season by an overwhelming 스포츠중계 margin, so we expect that Shinhan Bank will be able to show the difference if it does not let its guard down.

Recently, Shinhan Bank, which has shown excellent fielding performance of young players, personally remembers that Han Um-ji and Kim Ah-reum have a great concentration on their success rate. If Han Chae-jin and Kim Dan-bi continue to perform well, we can expect better play. By showing good play at night, we look forward to seeing whether Shinhan Bank will be able to show off its offense regardless of internal and external.

[Departure Team] Hana One-Q

The fact that Hana One-Q, who has not been able to break a losing streak in the 20th round of the WKBL [4 wins and 16 losses] in the 2020/21 season emphasizes that Hana One-Q is not showing any improvement in performance.I want to think that the road will be a more difficult game.

Hana One-Q, who showed competitiveness as the reason for Kang’s return, emphasized that Kang’s continued performance and how much Kang Yu-rim and Yang In-young can continue to play well in this game, and emphasized that Han’s scoring ability is still shaking. It’s a game to see if there will be any.

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