La Banda/Band Members

From left to right (de izquierda a derecha):

Brian Becvar, Drew McKeon, Ryan Parrino, Ashley Tessandori, Michael Bolton, Amanda Brown, Nelson Braxton and Jason Peterson DeLaire. 

(25/8/18) Jason Peterson DeLaire, como siempre, comparte sus vivencias estando de gira. Nos envía esta imagen desde Georgia // Jason Peterson DeLaire, as always, shares his moments on tour. He sends us this image from Georgia.

(9/7/18) Janis Liebhart celebrando su cumpleaños, que fue el 7 de julio, con su marido y unas amigas de más de 30 años // Janis Liebhart celebrating her birthday, which was on July 7th, with her husband and friends for 30 years. Congratulations!!!.

(23/6/18) Foto de Jason DeLaire en Sidney, Australia. (Photo with Jason DeLaire in Sydney, Australia).

(23/6/18) Janis Liebhart, que fuera durante muchos años vocalista de la banda de Michael, ha compartido algunas fotos históricas del pasado, que incluyen a la desaparecida Vann Johnson y a Pat Hawk, a quien no hemos visto desde hace muchos años // Janis Liebhart, who was Michael’s band vocalist for many years, has shared some historic pics from the past that include missed and dear Vann Johnson and Pat Hawk, whom we have not seen for a very long time.

(10/3/18) Jason en Sao Joao, Brasil. (Jason en Sao Joao, Brazil).

(6/3/18) Jason teaching some students from Chile, showing music has no languages. (Jason enseñando a unos estudiantes de Chile, mostrando que la música no tiene idioma).

(20/1/18) Jason Peterson DeLaire has published this nice pic of him and his mother with Michael Bolton backstage. (Jason Peterson DeLaire ha publicado esta bonita foto de él y su madre con Michael Bolton entre bambalinas).

(28/9/17) Janis Liebhart ha anunciado una terrible noticia: la que una vez fuera cantante de la banda de Michael Bolton, Vann Johnson, todo talento y belleza, falleció ayer tras luchar contra el cáncer. Descanse en paz. (Janis Liebhart has announced terrible news: Vann Johnson, who once was Michael Bolton´s band background singer, died yesterday after losing her battle against cancer. Rest in Peace).


(17/9/17) Jason Peterson DeLaire ha compartido esta bonita imagen de la familia Bolton en gira, con motivo de un concierto reciente en Las Vegas. (Jason Peterson DeLaire has shared this nice pic of Bolton tour family at a recent show in Las Vegas).

(13/8/17) Official video for “Downtown”, new single by Jason Peterson DeLaire. (Vídeo oficial de “Downtown”, el nuevo single de Jason Peterson DeLaire).


(25/6/17) Jason se ha unido a una nueva banda en Viena, Austria. ¡Ahora toca la trompeta!. (Jason has joined a new band in Vienna, Austria. Now he plays trumpet!).

(12/6/17) Jason Peterson DeLaire in Barcelona. (Jason en Barcelona).

(09/06/17) Jason Peterson DeLaire, keyboards, sax and voices, presents something new of his own music. (Jason Peterson DeLaire, teclista, saxofonista y cantante, presenta nueva música de su propia cosecha. Haz click para comprarla).

(27/5/17) Tre’ Balfour (former percussionist), with his wife and son Adrian at this one’s graduation. (Tre’ Balfour, ex percusionista, con su esposa y su hijo Adrian en la graduación de éste).

(20/5/17) So yesterday I did a video shoot for my new online class, Vocals for Producers at LACM. It was two solid months of writing curriculum and two solid months of hoping that it would turn out great. These girls. THESE GIRLS!!! I adore them both. I interviewed Catte Adams and Janis Liebhart, who shared their studio savvy on camera and sang their hearts out. They also helped me to calm the f*#kdown so that I could relax and focus. Thank you, thank, you, thank you, my beautiful and talented friends. I love you with all my heart!! — con Janis Liebhart // (Janis Liebhart (ex-vocalista) con unas amigas, enseñándoles sus técnicas vocales, fruto de una dilatada experiencia).

(11/5/17) Ryan Parrino (guitarist, first on the left)  playing with friends in Connecticut while Michael Bolton is in Asia for the show “Bolt of Talent”. (Ryan Parrino (guitarrista, primero por la izquierda) tocando con amigos en Connecticut mientras Michael Bolton está en Asia para el programa “Bolt of Talent”).

(6/11/15) El guitarrista Bruce Kulick colaborará en el nuevo disco de Avantasia. (Guitarist Bruce Kulick will collaborate in Avantasia’s new album).

(29/5/15) JP from Singapore, sharing the view. (Jason Peterson DeLaire desde Singapur, compartiendo la vista).

(9/5/15) At soundcheck in Trinidad #braxbros #michaelbolton#haselcrawfordstadium #enchantment — en Trinidad & Tobago, Port Of Spain // En la prueba de sonido en Trinidad, con Nelson Braxton.

(9/5/15) Lunch in Trinidad with the Photo Bomber! Evan Eade Drew McKeon Ashley Tessandori // Comida en Trinidad con Drew McKeon y Ashley Tessandori.

(9/5/15) Janis Liebhart posando con un sombrero de bombero de su padre fallecido. ¡Guapísima como siempre! // Janis Liebhart with her late dad’s fire hat. As beautiful as always!!!.

(9/5/15) Hello from Trinidad! Playing down here with Michael Bolton and Richard Marx! // ¡Hola desde Trinidad!. ¡Toco aquí con Michael Bolton y Richard Marx!.

(17/4/15) Janis Liebhart, performing with his husband Scott and some friends for California Dreamin’ Music Of The Canyons // Janis Liebhart actuando con su marido Scott y algunos amigos en el grupo California Dreamin’ Music Of The Canyons.

(29/3/15) Jason Peterson DeLaire (back in Bolton’s band) at the sound check at the Mohegan Sun // Jason Peterson DeLaire (de nuevo en la banda de Bolton) en la prueba de sonido en el Mohegan Sun.

(29/3/15) Janis Liebhart with his mother Marti  having dinner at home. Janis’ mother is quite old and has some lucidity problems, but she looks gorgeous! // Janis Liebhart con su madre, Marti cenando en casa. La madre de Janis es mayor y tiene algunos problemas de lucided, pero está estupenda.

(29/8/14) Jason Peterson DeLaire, Bolton’s sax, keyboards and voice, doing the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS.

(22 junio 2014) Orígenes y miembros de BlackJack.

(December, 7th 2010) Jimmy Haslip: The Multi-Tasker // Jimmy Haslip: El Multi-Tarea.

(September, 18th 2010) Tre has asked us to help his school continue their music program. Please vote online daily between October 5th-November 1st. Log onto: to help Littlerock Music Program win this much needed grant to help keep music in our school!! // Tre nos ha pedido que le ayudemos para que su escuela continúe con su programa musical. Por favor, votad online diariamente entre el 5 de octubre y el 1 de noviembre. ¡¡¡Id a para ayudar a que el Programa Musical de Littlerock, que se necesita muchísimo, siga llevando música a la escuela!!!.

Tre said to tell you thank you from the bottom of his heart!! // Tre ha dicho que muchísimas gracias ¡¡desde el fondo de su corazón!!.

(August, 24th 2010) Nelson Braxton has just become a proud father of a baby boy. Congratulations, Nelson! // Nelson Braxton acaba de ser padre de un niño. ¡Felicidades, Nelson!.

(August, 24th 2010) Saxophonist Michael Lington to perform with Michael Bolton at the PAC // El saxofonista Michael Lington actúa con Michael Bolton en el PAC.

(April, 17th 2010) Jason Peterson DeLaire was Michael’s keyboardist, again, at the recent Utah concert. (Let’s see if he stays or not). The present sax player was there, so, it seems to be that Jason was there to replace Brian Becvar // Jason Peterson DeLaire volvió a ser el teclista de la banda de Michael, en el reciente concierto que éste ofreció en Utah. (Veremos cuánto dura). El saxofonista actual estaba allí, así que parece que Jason sólo estaba para sustituir a Brian Becvar.

(March, 26th 2010) Jason Peterson DeLaire will be on tour in Australia in May with his Uncles: Ricky, Paul and Billy, and Sheila E. Being Latin I have to say that Sheila, besides of being a very beautiful woman, is a wild beast when it is about rhythm. Australian people will be mesmerized with so much action!!! // Jason Peterson DeLaire estará de gira en Australia con sus tíos: Ricky, Paul y Billy, acompañados por Sheila E. Siendo latina, tengo que decir que Sheila, además de ser una mujer muy hermosa, es una bestia salvaje en lo que se refiere al ritmo sobre un escenario. ¡¡¡Los australianos van a quedar encantados con tanta acción!!!.

(March, 22nd 2010) Now it seems that Nelson Braxton -Michael’s bassist- is back (let’s see how much this lasts) // Ahora parece que Nelson Braxton -el bajista de Michael- ha vuelto (veremos cuánto dura esto).

(March, 16th 2010) Comments that Michael Bolton has given to Gail Atkinson at the backstage of his recent Atlantic City concert. Gail is the administrator of Michael’s official fan forum at // Comentarios que Michael Bolton le hizo a Gail Atkinson en el backstage de su reciente concierto en Atlantic City. Gail es la administradora del foro oficial de fans de Michael en

“Ok guys…I’ve been reading all of your posts and I agree with the fact that everyone has a right to their opinions.  I think we also have to agree that we are all upset that the old bandmembers were not asked back for the new tour but were replaced by new members who have nothing to do with our frustrations.  I was able to meet with Michael backstage in AC on Saturday and spoke to him about your frustrations on the band changes. He does understand your frustrations and the friendships that were formed.  He said there may be a time in the near furture where some of the old band members may be invited back from time to time depending on their schedules and own adventures.  Monique was there in AC and it was great seeing her and Brian Becvar was also there.   As I told you before the decision to change the band was a business one.  He spoke about Janis and Chris and how long they had been with him and he felt they were his friends as well.  He spoke about the music business of today compared to when he started and he said there are things that have to be done to allow him to continue recording and touring and he has to pay attention to things requested of him to be able to get the support he needs to continue doing what he loves and what we all love.  So it looks like even  though we didn’t like this decision we have to trust Michael to make the right decisions so that we can continue to enjoy  his music and tours.

He said he knew a lot of the long time fans would remain friends with the old band members and he hoped that they would.  I know most of you want to hear him say…I know you are all upset so I’m going to ask the old members back…but that isn’t going to happen least not now..just know it isn’t going to change so lets try to continue on and support Michael and the new band”. Gail Atkinson.

Michael and his new band in Atlantic City // Michael y su nueva banda en Atlantic City.

“De acuerdo chicos… He leído todos vuestros comentarios en el foro y estoy de acuerdo con el hecho de que todo el mundo tiene derecho a opinar. Creo que también debemos estar de acuerdo en que todos estamos molestos por el hecho de que los viejos miembros de la banda no fuesen solicitados para este nuevo tour y fueran reemplazados por nuevos miembros que nada tienen que ver con nuestras frustraciones. Pude ver a Michael tras el escenario en Atlantic City el sábado y hablé con él sobre vuestras frustraciones en los cambios de la banda. Él comprende vuestras frustraciones y las amistades que se habían formado con el paso del tiempo. Dijo que puede haber un momento en el futuro cercano en el que algunos de los antiguos miembros de la banda podrían ser invitados de vuelta de vez en cuando dependiendo de sus agendas y propios compromisos. Monique estaba allí en Atlantic City y fue genial verlos a ella y a Brian Becvar. Como os dije antes, la decisión de cambiar la banda fue una decisión de negocios. Michael habló de Janis y Chris y sobre cuanto tiempo había estado con el y dijo sentir que eran todavía amigos también. Habló del negocio de la música hoy en día comparado a cuando él empezó y dijo que hay cosas que tienen que hacerse para permitir que él continúe grabando y actuando y tiene que prestar atención a cosas que se le piden para lograr el apoyo que necesita para continuar haciendo lo que adora y lo que todos adoramos. Así que parece que aunque no nos guste esta decisión tenemos que confiar en que Michael habrá tomado las decisiones correctas para que podamos continuar disfrutando de su música y conciertos.

Dijo que sabía que muchos de los fans de largo tiempo continuarían su amistad con los antiguos miembros de la banda y esperaba que así lo harían. Sé que la mayoría de vosotros querríais oírle decir… Sé que estáis molestos así que voy a pedir a los antiguos miembros que vuelvan… pero esto no va a pasar… por lo menos no ahora… sólo sé que no va a cambiar, así que intentemos seguir adelante y apoyar a Michael y la nueva banda”. Gail Atkinson.

(March, 15th 2010) Janis Liebhart’s message: Hi everyone 🙂
Gail’s asked me to drop you a line about what’s going on in my life. Well, no news to convey yet. I am just taking this time to figure out who I am and what I have and can offer this industry. It’s pretty near impossible to expect something to magically jump in your lap workwise when you weren’t expecting the lull, so it may take some time. For now, I’m enjoying my family and my home. And I’m catching up on a million little projects I kept putting off! As for my road family, I speak to most everyone on a daily basis and fully appreciate this very unique and loyal unit we had through Michael – the family we were for almost 20 years. Some came and went, some stayed. For me it wasn’t just a gig, it was a career.
And who knows what the future will bring! We can only spread goodness and creative energy and hope for the best. Right?
I have been very blessed and I don’t take it for granted, not one minute. You’re all a part of that family as well, just on the other side of the stage, and I’m grateful for your smiling faces and friendly loyalty. I’ll bet if you added up all the cold medicine you went through after standing in bad weather after concerts, it’d make one large mountain!
With that, I wish you all well! Enjoy each other, enjoy the shows!
Xoxox Janis””

(March, 15th 2010) Tre’ Balfour’s message: “”Please thank all of the fans for the love and support over the 11 yrs that I was with you guys. I’ve never been one for expressing myself in letter form but I do miss seeing everybody. I as you know have my own “Ambient Soul” project called “BlakTop” I have a manager now and we are booked locally here in town just to get the band tighter. We will be doing a cd pretty soon. Nothing big. Maybe a 3-4 song cd, or maybe a single to test the market. Its a really fun project where I’m back playing drums. Oh…and if you’re wondering what in the heck is “Ambient Soul?”…well, after touring Europe, all of their “Euro/Chill/ Ambient music rubbed off on me. So I just added the “Soul” & “Jazz” too it. Most likely the 1st single will be the song that JP (Jason) & I wrote titled “Fa Sho Fa Sho” featuring a young lady by the name of Megan Shoff. “”

(March, 10th 2010) Todos los miembros de la banda de Michael Bolton han “desaparecido” de repente. Tras los reemplazos de Tre’ Balfour y de Janis Liebhart, ahora resulta que en sus recientes conciertos en Estados Unidos -comienzos de marzo de 2010- el único que ha quedado ha sido el último que se había reincorporado a la banda de siempre: el pianista Brian Becvar. No está Chris Camozzi (guitarrista y director musical), no está Jason Peterson DeLaire (saxofonista, voces y teclados), no está Land Richards (batería), no está Nelson Braxton (bajo)… Dicen que la música está sonando genial igualmente, pero me pregunto cómo un grupo de gente nueva puede sonar igual de bien que aquéllos con los que has estado trabajando muchos años y con los que se ha alcanzado un nivel de compenetración especial… // All the Michael Bolton band members have “disappeared” suddenly. After Tre’ Balfour and Janis Liebhart were replaced, now it seems to be that in Michael’s recent gigs in the United States the only one who has stayed is the one who had joined the original band most recently: pianist Brian Becvar. Chris Camozzi is not in the band (he was the musical director and guitarist); Jason Peterson DeLaire is not in the band (he was sax player, voice and keyboards); Land Richards is not in the band (drums); Nelson Braxton is not in the band (bassist)… Fans say that the music is sounding great just like before, but I wonder how a group of new people can sound as good as the group you’ve been working with for so many years and with whom you have reached a high level of rapport…

(February, 27th 2010) Jason has published a new single, titled: “Romance Rumors and Lies”. Check it out here! // Jason ha publicado un nuevo single, titulado “Romance, Rumores y Mentiras”. ¡Escúchalo aquí!.

(January, 2010) Janis Liebhart also disappears from Michael Bolton’s band after being working together for 19 years. Good luck, Janis. Your smile and your voice will be very much missed onstage / Janis Liebhart también desaparece de la banda de Michael Bolton tras haber estado trabajando juntos durante 19 años. Tu sonrisa y tu voz serán extrañadas profundamente sobre el escenario.


(October, 21st 2009) Tre’ Balfour won’t continue being a member of Michael’s band. I wish him the best of lucks with his future projects and I do regret very much his departure. Good luck, Tre’. You are a great person, a very down earthed guy and a marvelous human being. I will miss your smile onstage!!! / Tre’ Balfour no continuará como miembro de la banda de Michael Bolton. Le deseo la mejor de las suertes con sus proyectos futuros y lamento muchísimo su partida. Buena suerte, Tre’. Eres una gran persona, un chico con los pies en la tierra y un maravilloso ser humano. ¡¡¡Extrañaré tu sonrisa sobre el escenario!!!.

Michael’s band members in 2008 / Miembros de la banda de Michael en 2008.

From left to right: / De izquierda a derecha:

Brian BecVar, Kate Mlynar, Tre’ Balfour, Chris Camozzi, Carol Jarvis, Land Richards, Jason Peterson DeLaire, Janis Liebhart, Nelson Braxton and Karen Straw.

Michael and his band playing live in Las Vegas, June 20th and 21st 2008 // Michael y su banda tocando en directo en Las Vegas los días 20 y 21 de junio de 2008.

Past Band Members.-

  • Schuyler Deale (Bass guitar).

  • Catte Adams (Background vocals).

  • Vann Johnson (Background vocals).

  • John Scarpulla (Sax player).

  • Pat Hawk (Background vocals).

  • Tommy “Mugs” Cain (Drums and Percussion).

  • Scott Mayo (Keyboards / Sax / Background vocals).

  • Dani Wylie (Background vocals / Dancer).

  • Everice (Background vocals / Dancer).

  • Dave Delhomme (Keyboards).

  • Bruce Kulick (BlackJack member).

  • Jimmy Haslip (BlackJack member).

  • Sandy Gennaro (BlackJack member).

  • Tre Balfour (Percussion).

  • Janis Liebhart (Background vocals).

  • Carol Jarvis (Alto, tenor and bass trombone, vocals (backing)).

  • Kate Mlynar (All saxes, woodwinds, vocals (backing)).

  • Karen Sraw (Lead trumpet, flugel horn, picc trumpet, cornet and vocals (lead/backing)).

  • Land Richards (Drums).

  • Chris Camozzi (Guitar player and music director).

  • Sandra Allen (Background vocals).

  • Michael Lington (Sax).

  • Chad Wright (Drums).

  • Errol Cooney (Guitar).