Search the Sisyphus myth. He’s kind of a bad guy.

Sisyphus is not a god but a Greek mythical human being.
Because he is guilty, he is given a nickname that pushes a stone to the top of a steep mountain.
But at the summit, the stone rolls down again and is punished for repeating it indefinitely.

If you want to know what the crime is, search the Sisyphus myth. He’s kind of a bad guy.
After all, human life, not God, is a repetition of hardship and cannot change the yoke of fate.
I think the inconvenience of leaving a message and not being able to judge whether it was a happy ending or a sad ending was also an opportunity to create dissatisfaction.
Season 2 has been concluded a lot so that it can be enough.

But the reason why it’s a ho is! the acting of our actors

He is my favorite actor. The only low-profile relationship, Instagram.

Kim Byung-chul, Sung Dong-il, Kim Jong-tae, and many other actors’ performances are time-slip in fantasy, so I think it was the driving force to save the story of running away and running away.

Uploader is the core of the story.
To put it simply, it’s a time machine.
It’s an equipment made by Han Tae-sul and a genius who repairs falling airplanes.
As a result, I have a slight headache due to the physics and philosophical problem of Time Paradox, but I can’t think of it.
With the death of Han Tae-sul, his brother Han Tae-san opens his eyes again.
But that expression is not good.
Because your awakening means your brother’s death.
He has a design for the uploader. He’s going back to save his brother?
Finally, we stopped the war this time.

And is it really the West Sea fantasy or the real thing?

More than that, the interpretation of this airplane scene is divided into two parts. At some point in the past.

I think it’s from the past.
I want to ask you why the passengers disappeared.
It reminded me of a lot of people.
Unlike the first episode, she is next to me.
And we don’t have to check whether it’s false or true.
It’s meaningless and with her.

And Sigma changed a bit.
But people don’t change.
I promise to take 토렌트하자 revenge through Sigma’s hint written in my father’s notebook in the West Sea.
Will the plane fall again? Or was the plane just an imagination?
Can we stop the repetition of fate again?

The Torrent is over, leaving the interpretation to each person.

There was no such moment, but there was a time when I wanted to go back these days.

But life can’t go back like a fantasy.

I think the story that Sisyphus wants to say is not to be tied to the past from a fatalistic point of view, but to cherish the present time and people.

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