I’m practicing hard as one of the submission missions.

The goal and direction of achieving your dream.
The players won the Jiu-Jitsu national team selection competition and became the national team.

Many people have a sense of purpose but have no direction, so they easily give up or stop their dreams. Setting goals is important, but direction is the most important. The Jujitsu MMA Youth Leadership Center is conducting a growing leadership curriculum, including the Jujitsu and MMA movements needed for the once-in-a-lifetime growth period.
If you get lost in a mountain or a line, you’ll get tired of going from place to place, and if you lose your stamina, you’ll give up finding your way. The key here is the directionality. You can look for the stars of the Big Dipper or go down the waterfront in search of a stream.

Creating an environment that helps our children is very important for growing up study and exercise. I’m going to fill our children’s growth period with more strength and strength.

I sang the song “As You Say It” and I think it was a success story.
Speaking and expressing rather than not speaking and expressing, it helps you achieve your dream. I studied about dreams for Harvard students. 3% of people who wrote down their dreams specifically, informed people around them, and documented them, but 60% of those who had only 10% short-term goals without documentation and 60% of those who had no 주짓수 dreams. Twenty years later, these people surveyed and found surprising results.
The results showed that dreams were documented and specifically 3% successful individuals, and 10% of those who had but did not document their dreams, 60% of the short-term goals, 60% of the upper class, 27% of those who had no dreams. It’s a meaningful message that all of the subjects in this experiment were targeted at Harvard University students, not ordinary people. That’s how important direction is to think specifically and to express it.
It’s already been almost three months since the sun changed.
Have you made any plans for the new year?
Or you have a plan, but you can’t do it.
I wonder if he’s here.
Everybody’s gonna have to work out in the new year.
I think we all feel the same way.
If there’s a jiujitsu in your New Year’s plan,
Right here! The prestigious team!
Come here to play jiujitsu.
Today is jiujitsu time.
I’ll post the 12 o’clock jiujitsu time.

Jiu-Jitsu of prestigious gyms
The beginning of class is warm-up exercise.
It’s a movement of multiple jiu-jitsu movements.
Let’s start with warm-up exercises!
After the warm-up, I’ll get along with my partner.
Enter the Jiu-Jitsu repeat action kite.
My first move is to play Nion Belly.
Practice the passing motion first.

The next move is to take the position of the guard called the flower of the jiu-jitsu.
Practice the Amba movement. It’s very simple.
It’s an easy move, but if you’re not used to it,
I’m always practicing basic skills because I can’t write them.

And here’s the triangle choke.
It’s the most basic and most common form of jujitsu.
I’m practicing hard as one of the submission missions.
The last iteration of the exercise was the guard position.
Sweep moves.
There are so many swipes out there that let’s go.
We’re going to do what we want for a certain amount of time.
I’m practicing.

After warming up and practicing the jiu-jitsu repetitive moves,
I’m taking a jiujitsu class.
Today’s tech lesson is about the turtle position.
You can flip it over or you can surrender to the other person.
I practice my skills.

superior to Director Park
Captain Jiu-Jitsu. Officer Wu.
Director Kang came to see us.
I’m training for Jiu-Jitsu time.
That’s why the general staff also need to be more detailed when practicing their skills.
There are advantages to learning.

The officers and the general staff are the same.
Seeing you on the mat as a trainee,
You look very pleased.
a passionate relationship to technical practice
After technical practice, everyone’s gonna be…
I’m blooming stories.

After all the technical practice, I’ll have a glass of water.
I’m doing Jiu-Jitsu Sparring, the last of the class.
Sparring isn’t about killing.
We’re going to have fun with each other’s lives.

Silver, the local gym.
We run four jiu-jitsu classes a day.
12 o’clock jiujitsu adult department
7:20 p.m. Elementary school.
8:40 p.m. Adult department.
10 p.m. Adult Department
The men’s and women’s changing rooms, the toilets are completely separated.
It’s equipped with simple weight equipment.
I can do weight training.
If you’re using your own car, you’ll be able to find a parking lot
Free parking is available.

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