Why don’t you come to the Swedish massage shop?

Hello~ The long holiday for 4 days also happened yesterday. I think it was a good opportunity to recharge as I rested for a long time! How did you spend this holiday? I’m sure many of you couldn’t go down to your hometown because of Corona. I wasn’t that different either. I was able to relieve the regret that we only talked over the phone while getting a massage. I went to the Seocho Swadish massage shop where I visited through the website after falling in love with dry horse! I was looking forward to it because it was a place with good reviews. I’m here to give you a detailed review.

The Zenith shop I visited was located two minutes’ walk from Exit 6 of Gangnam Station. I brought a car, but it’s really close to the station, so it’s a shop where people who come by public transportation can go comfortably. Personally, I think parking in Gangnam is really hard. If you go by the side of the road, you’ll get a ticket easily, and the paid parking lot is too expensive, so I think it’s a waste. I was able to visit the Swedish 강남건마 massage shop comfortably without worrying about parking because they said they would support parking.

Seocho massage shop was open 24 hours a day from noon to 3 a.m. If you make a reservation call in advance, I think it’s a good place to visit whenever you want to get a massage and come here comfortably. However, it is said that reservations will be automatic if the reservation time exceeds 10 minutes, so if there is any change, you should contact us information changes!

The interior of the shop was an interior reminiscent of a luxurious aesthetic shop. The whole store was very neat and modern. Furniture and large pots make the shop more luxurious. It was different from where I used to go, but I felt that the Swedish massage shop was treated only with interior design.

They gave me warm tea, but they gave me burdock tea. I heard it’s very hot because it’s from Yoon Stay recently. It’s rich in fiber, so it’s good for intestinal health, especially for dieting. If I didn’t know the effect, I could drink it without thinking about it, but the Seocho Swedish massage shop even told me the effectiveness of the tea, so it was good to drink it while enjoying the tea more.

I heard about the program at the Swedish massage shop while drinking tea. It consisted of A course 060 minutes 130,000 > 100,000 won, B course 090 minutes 150,000 > 120,000 won, C course 120 minutes 180,000 > 150,000 won, and Seocho waxing was also available separately. There were 60,000 won for beginner, 80,000 won for intermediate, 100,000 won for advanced, 150,000 for waxing package management (elementary waxing + Swedish 60 minutes), 170,000 for B course (intermediate waxing + Swedish 60 minutes), and 190,000 for C course (high waxing + Swedish 60 minutes).

It’s been a while since I got waxing, and I heard that I can get a discount if I get a package. I was going to choose the waxing package C course, but the swaddish was only 60 minutes old, so I chose the swaddish C course. When I visit Seocho massage shop next time, I’ll have to make sure I have enough time and come to get waxing!

I was guided to the changing room to change my clothes. The locker at the Seocho Swedish massage shop was not a key but a password. Personally, it’s very clumsy, so I often lose it, but it’s a password like this, so it’s comfortable because I don’t have to carry around a key or lose it.

Inside the locker, there was a gown I was going to wear in advance. It was washed well, so it looked as if I had worn it for the first time. I liked the touch of my skin so much that I felt lighter as soon as I wore it. I really like the fact that Seocho massage shop takes care of even the smallest things.

These days, there was a stylist that said there was one at the premium shop. The clothes I wore during the maintenance were sterilized cleanly and I loved it when I went home. The service at the Swedish massage shop was excellent.

I moved to the foot bath room to get a foot bath. The Korean massage manager in Seocho washed his feet himself. I feel embarrassed whenever I receive it, but after I receive it all, I feel so refreshed that I can endure it well.

I was able to get treatment for Seocho Swadish massage shop by choosing the foot bath I wanted. The effects of the foot bath were well organized. I was so tired because I was always nervous because I had something important to do. I chose Jasmine foot bath because Jasmine helps to relieve tension.

As the bubble bubbles came up, the scent of the soft foot bath came up. The gentle scent of jasmine made my heart feel comfortable. It’s amazing that your body is getting heated even when you’re just dipping your feet. I guess foot bath is good for blood circulation. I’ve always suffered from cold hands and feet. It’s been a while since I’ve had warm feet like this, so I’m even glad to see them. It’s been a while since I’ve had a proper foot bath at the Swedish massage parlor.

I was moving to my room after taking a foot bath, and there were a lot of rooms. Seocho massage shop was quite large, but I didn’t know it would be this big. The hallway was clean, so I felt like I was at a hotel.

The Swedish massage manager gave me acupressure from the head, and I felt like my head was clearing up. They gave me a gentle arm, but it didn’t hurt and it was so cool. It seemed to break all the stress. It was thrilling to know exactly where it was cool and you gave me acupressure.~

I focused on the lumps, but at first, I rode the hands of the Seocho Swedish massage manager, and it felt as soft and light as a child’s shoulder. There was definitely a big difference before and after receiving it.

The shower room at the Swedish massage shop was clean without any mold or stains. I was able to take a nice shower because the shower products were well-equipped.

There are skincare products and disposable products, so I could get ready to go home comfortably at Seocho massage shop.

Lastly, drinking warm tea made my body warm and comfortable. If you want to relax and relax, why don’t you visit the Seocho Swedish massage shop?

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