Relax your lymph nodes. You want blood circulation

To go on a diet, you need to be able to find a way to fit yourself.

I think it’s important to find a way.

There are so many different ways to choose.

It’s wide, but it’s the opposite.

It’s gotten harder. a diet that just starves.

A healthy diet is more important than a healthy diet.

I heard there’s a 건마 different way this time.

I found out.

Someone I already know.

I know this place. There’s a lot of blood in our bodies.

Stimulates lymph nodes to release waste.

It’s a gentle release, and it’s circulating.

It’s effective in dieting as the swelling goes down.

I heard it’s very good.

The original headquarters were in Dongtan.

It was very famous. This time in Yongin,

Thanks to the newly opened Yoohyeon Oklimp Diet,

I’m a resident of Yongin, and I can’t visit comfortably.

There was. The photo from the outside.

It felt like I was working out.

But once you get inside, you’re in a completely different mood.

I could tell.

I could see a private room through the hallway.

I’m sure it’s a good idea to lighten and receive clothes.

Due to the nature of Yongin Massage, the private space

It was important, but I liked the benefits.

Until the truth, I was on a big diet.

Half doubt and half wonder if it’ll work.

I can’t wait to get it.

I can see the window of Hanok style.

It’s neat, it’s not tacky, it’s traditional.

I feel like I’m in the mood, so I feel like I’m in the

It’s comfortable. A window, a full-body mirror, a small one.

Every prop has a set of Korean-style items.

It creates a more comfortable atmosphere.

There were also models in hanbok next to them.

It was good to sterilize because it had disinfectant.

It’s fun to watch one by one.

I didn’t have much waiting time, but those short ones.

It’s fun to watch every time, so time flies.

I didn’t know.

In a private room, on a large towel and pillow,

There’s a disposable towel on top of it, so it’s hygienic.

I could use it. Actually, I don’t know who it is.

It’s where the Morrie of an unknown man came into contact.

I didn’t want to share it, but it’s disposable.

I felt much more comfortable when I put on a towel.

I’m gonna take care of the hygiene in a very small way.

I’m doing it.

The massage is aroma scented candle, and it also feels like

It made me feel comfortable. a delicate aroma

Every time the scent rises, I feel relaxed.

I feel like I’m getting tired and I feel like I’m mentally refreshed.

I heard it. This scented herb therapy is all about the nature.

It’s divided into recipients and people who don’t work.

But I think I’m a good fit.

It’s a variety of massage equipment. when you look at it

It’s like a whip, like a hitting device.

I’m scared to see it, but I’m afraid it’s for scrubbing.

I was relieved after hearing the explanation.

It’s made of wood, not iron bars.

No skin irritation, no nature-friendly.

It’s the same. It’s called a vampire.

He did it.

I can get a Stone Therapy with you.

It’s not a regular stone, so it weighs more.

The shape of the stones used for each part.

It’s different and warm.

The stone’s clean and there’s nothing sticking out.

I don’t think I’ll ever get hurt.

We can wait in a small space, we can talk.

I could have gotten it. My physical condition.

We’re talking about a certain direction of Yong-in Massage.

It’s a process of adjusting whether to receive it or not.

There were a lot of different courses, and the unique thing was,

There’s also an injury-prevention massage for athletes.

There was

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